‘Resident Evil’ Franchise Reboot Currently In Development

While Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was touted as the conclusion to the six-film series, fans may not have seen the last of the franchise on the big screen. Variety reports that the chairman of the board at Constantin Film, Martin Moszkowicz, has confirmed that a reboot of the franchise is in development at Germany production company, which produced all six entries of the film series.

Details on the reboot and how it will connect to the previous installments of the franchise are currently unknown.

Based on the Capcom video game series, the original six entries in the film franchise starred Milla Jovovich as the lead protagonist named Alice.

The Resident Evil franchise has become the highest-grossing film series to be based on a video game with a combined worldwide gross of $1.2 billion.

Variety reports that the participation of Paul W.S. Anderson, who wrote all six Resident Evil films and directed four, is subject to question due to his current involvement in a film adaptation of Capcom’s video game titled Monster Hunter.

Are you interested in seeing a Resident Evil reboot? What would you like to see in a new series of films? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Variety

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Every year, an avalanche of trailers, teasers, TV spots flood the Internet, trying to grab the attention of busy and overstimulated audiences. It’s gotten to the point where now, trailers are such a commodity, that the trailers themselves have teasers. There’s a reason: trailers, when they’re good, can be an artform all their own.

I love trailers, being the guy who is always rushing his friends and family to the theater early “so we don’t miss the previews.” Every summer, I make a YouTube playlist of my favorites that acts as my own personal radio station because frankly, sometimes, I vibe more to how the trailer is cut than the music in it or, in bad cases, the movies themselves when I finally catch them on-screen. It’s gotten to the point that I imagine and dream in a trailer format, with music setting the pace for a smash-cut of scenes that I want to write or just enjoy the fantasy of.

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