Robbie Amell Would Return As Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm On ‘The Flash’


Robbie Amell has been killed off The CW’s The Flash, not once, but twice and yet the actor is still open to returning to The Flash and reprising his role as Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm.

Members of Heroic Hollywood spoke with Amell while attending Emerald City Comic Con. When asked if audiences would be seeing Firestorm anytime soon, Amell was hopeful.

“Man I hope so, I really do. But I haven’t heard anything official right now. But just watch, they’ll give me the call and bring me back just to properly kill me off this time.”

During a later interview with Screen Rant, Amell elaborated on what it was like being a part of The Flash team.

“I’ve had a lot of fun playing Ronnie, so even if there were a version of my character without superpowers, I would love to go back and play that. I actually really love playing the Ronnie Raymond side of the character, getting to do scenes with Danielle [Panabaker] and the rest of the cast. The Firestorm stuff is really fun to do and fun to see on TV, but to ground something as a real person is nice for the acting side of things.”

He also confirmed that he would not be returning for this current season of The Flash.

“I am not back this season. They’re just finishing up the season [2] finale, and I wasn’t available … and they didn’t ask me.

“There were a lot of really big storylines to tie up. And I had dinner with [executive producer] Greg Berlanti the other night and I asked him for all the spoilers and he gave them to me, and you guys are in for one incredible final stretch of season 2.”

Source: Screen Rant 


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