‘The Walking Dead’: Robert Kirkman Responds To Dave Chappelle SNL Skit

Everyone loved Dave Chappelle's 'The Walking Dead' skit on 'Saturday Night Live,' even 'Walking Dead' creator Robert Kirkman

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This past weekend, comedian Dave Chappelle made his triumphant return to TV by hosting Saturday Night Live. Many of his longtime fans of him and his Chappelle Show were excited to see him back on the small screen. It turned out to be one of Saturday Night Live’s most memorable shows of recent years. His opening monologue was well received given the current political climate. Many of the skits her did this week were also well received. However, no skit was more beloved by fans of Chappelle and geek fans, than his Walking Dead skit where he channeled all of his famous characters from Chappelle Show in a face off against Negan (also played by Chappelle).

Fans of The Walking Dead loved Chappelle’s take on the brutal killing on Abraham and Glen from the season premiere of the show. Not only did fans of the show like it, but so did Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. The comic book creator and executive producer of the TV show took to twitter to sound off his thoughts on the skit.

Kirkman appears to be humbled by the skit and probably never thought that his independent comic book would become such a global pop culture phenomenon that would be hilariously lampooned on Saturday Night Live.

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