New Rocksteady Job Postings Spark Superman Video Game Rumors

Superman Rocksteady

A recent bout of job postings on the Rocksteady Games website is leading fans to speculate about a new Superman game.

In 2009 game developer Rocksteady Games set a new bar for superhero video games with the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum. A third person sandbox RPG that put you in the boots of Batman, fighting to bring justice back to Arkham Asylum. The game was met with praise and positive reviews across the board. The following two installments were met with the same reception.

Now Rocksteady is making fans heads spin with speculation after recent job postings were added to the companies website. Out of the 17 job postings, one stated that they were working on “a highly-anticipated AAA title for next-generation platforms.” While this could mean a plethora of possible titles, they do go on to specify that once this game is announced fans will “lose their minds.” Leading some to speculate that we could be seeing them get back to their superhero plans and make an open world Superman game.

Artwork, which has turned out to be faked, as well as secret game plans, were leaked to 4chan, back in May, and started the speculation that we could be seeing a Superman game come from the studio. With the recent success of Marvel’s Spider-Man, on PlayStation 4, it’s reasonable to assume that DC wants to get in on the gaming hype as well. Considering combat from Marvel’s Spider-Man draws heavily from the Arkham franchise, it’s not crazy to think that Rocksteady could be working on the next big game to drive fandom crazy.

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