RUMOR: Rocksteady May Be Working On A Justice League Game Instead Of Superman

Justice League Superman Rocksteady

A new rumor that originated on 4Chan and later moved to Reddit suggests Rocksteady Studios may be developing a new Justice League game, instead of a Superman project as many believed.

Over the past year, rumors have been circulating suggesting Rocksteady was developing a Superman video game, though to date there has been no official confirmation and the project was not announced at E3 as many hoped would be the case. Now, an alleged leak suggests the project will be a variation on the name Justice League: Crisis, though an official has yet to be chosen. According to the poster, Rocksteady is planning for the game to be a PlayStation 5, Xbox Scarlett, and PC title with Microsoft and Sony allegedly planning to unveil the new consoles in 2019.

The line-up will supposedly include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Cyborg and Aquaman in the early stages of their superhero careers. The post claims that Starro will be the main antagonist of the game while Brainiac and Darkseid will be featured in episodic content.

You can read bullet points on the details of game below!

  • Possible titles – Justice League: Crisis, Justice League: New Crisis, Justice League: Infinite Crisis. Seems they haven’t settled on a title yet, but they have a new staple in Crisis. Kind of like how Arkham was to their Batman series.
  • Developer – Rocksteady
  • Systems – Xbox Scarlett/PS5/PC. You’ll hear more details on Xbox’s new system later this year with a full reveal early 2019. PS5 will be announced in early 2019 as well.
  • Type – Single Player/Co-op. You can switch between characters like in Arkham Knight. The campaign can be played both ways, but there’s also a different game mode catered to multiplayer. Also, it’s GaaS, so expect a ton of DLC content. They’re gonna have something similar to Hitman with episodic DLC.
  • Characters – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash(Pretty sure it’s Wally), Green Lantern(Hal), Cyborg, Aquaman.
  • Cities – Metropolis, Gotham, Keystone(why I said it’s probably Wally), more others through DLC. Each city is a bit bigger than AK, and just as detailed.
  • Villains – Main big bad is Starro. As the episodic stuff rolls out you’ll see Brainiac and even Darkseid.
  • Story – All the heroes are pretty early on in their careers. Batman’s still considered an urban legend to anyone outside of Gotham, Superman isn’t the “world protector” yet, and WW is still on Themyscira. Aquaman’s still in the sea, GL is in space, and Wally isn’t even a hero yet.
  • Gameplay – From what I hear, it plays just like the Arkham games, except more refined and “opened up”. Guessing that’s for the heroes that can fly and such.
  • DLC – A lot of the DLC will have new cities and new playable characters. Green Arrow, Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter and probably a lot more. They’re expecting this game to last for years, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this game ended up being like Destiny in the sense that it gets updated constantly.

Of course, these details are strictly rumors at this point as Rocksteady has yet to announced any official details on their next project.

Source: Reddit

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