‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Footage Shown To Disney Shareholders

Footage from Rogue One: Star Wars Story was shown today at the the Disney shareholders meeting! Oh snap! Oh snap! Oh snap! Everyone has been wondering when the marketing for Rogue One will begin, and when the first teaser for it will come out. It’s going to begin very soon everyone. I would say that Rogue One stuff is going to start coming in hot once The Force Awakens hits Blu-ray on April 5. After that, I think they’re really going to start to shift their focus. Get ready!

For right now though, we have a description of the brief footage that was shown at the Disney shareholders meeting. A slashfilm.com reader, named Matthew Hansen was there, and he delivered them the description of what was shown, saying:

Most of it was very quick. A shot of the black stormtrooper, possibly called Death Troopers as previously reported, another pic of that same style of helmet and armor but all chrome, reminiscent of Captain Phasma from The Force Awakens, an image showed two AT-ATs that had a slightly different look with the door panel on the side of the body painted a lighter beige color. And a couple cast photos were shown, one of Felicity & Diego Luna and another of Donnie Yen. The clip featured Felicity’s character on what looked like the inside of a ship or shuttle with her arm up holding on and the hatch/ramp open behind her. I wish I could remember what she said as part of the sizzle but it went by too fast. The new stormtroopers looked great. …

I can easily picture Felicity Jones’ character in that moment. That seems amazing. My excitement is through the roof for everything described here! It’s going to be fantastic once we get that first teaser. I’ve had so many thoughts and ideas as to what it is exactly they will show us in it. My mind wanders into deep thought and I just get that much more eager for all that is to come.

It’s going to be spectacular to get to know all of these characters that are being introduced to us. We will be meeting up with them shortly.

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