‘Rogue One’ Stop-Motion Movie Part 2 Released

Fans of Star Wars toys will can rejoice, as the second part of the stop-motion short Go Rogue has been released to sponsor Rogue One figures. The short films are a fan-made venture which Lucasfilm and Disney are not only sponsoring, but using to unveil new Rogue One toys throughout the month of September.

The first part which debuted last week re-imagined the upcoming film’s story in Lego. This time however, we see a Funko version of Director Krennic accompanied by action figure stormtroopers as they build a Lego battlestation. The video can be viewed below as various toy companies share the screen in an interesting mashup.

All characters and toys seen in the short will be released in stores by September 30th, and are currently available for pre-order.  Lucasfilm is also hosting a contest for those who want to join in on the stop-motion fun with StarWars.com/GoRogue for teens and adults, and  Disney.com/MyRogueStory for kids ages 8-12. The contest closes October 30th, and winners can visit the Lucasfilm headquarters in San Francisco for a theater viewing of their shorts followed by an early screening of Rogue One.

Part 3 of the st0p-motion series will be released next week, while Rogue One hits theaters on December 16th.

Source: YouTube

Leon Brill

Leon Brill

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