‘Rogue One’: What Happened To The Hammerhead Crew?

Rogue One A Star Wars Story

The ending to Rogue One: A Star Wars story left a lot of tragedy in its wake. When the Rogue One team went on their final mission, it was clear as the action and intensity rose, that they wouldn’t survive the by the end of the film.

Although all of the main characters died, whatever happened to the Hammerhead Corvette crew? They were the crew who were helping the Rogue One team from space and were able to take out a couple of Darth Vader’s battleships. It was because of them that Jyn and Cassian were able to complete their mission of ensuring that the Death Star plans were transmitted.

The Hammerhead’s fate wasn’t as clear though. Did they die? Are they still out there somewhere?

Industrial Light and Magic visual effects supervisor John Knoll had this to say about the Hammerhead and their possible fate.

“There was some talk about, ‘Hey, is this a suicide mission? Are all these guys going down with the Star Destroyers?’ I started pushing for this idea that maybe in one of the shots we could have all these lifeboats, the escape pods, shoot out of it.”

Knoll and his VFX team tried to make sure that the ship’s crew didn’t just vanish into oblivion.

“The last shot you see of the Star Destroyers crashing down through the gate — it’s a very subtle thing, and it would probably be hard to tell this – but the lifeboats are all gone on the Hammerhead. It’s my story that the Hammerhead crew got into the life boats and made it out.”

So I guess that means the Hammerhead crew lived, right? It’s not set in stone that they absolutely are alive, but the optimism that Knoll and his team have for them is commendable.

But maybe they, along with Jyn, Cassian and everyone in Rogue One, could make appearances in the Han Solo film? That’d be nice.

Source: EW

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