Roland Emmerich Believes Marvel & DC Are Imitating His Work With Their Films

Screen-Shot-2015-07-13-at-12While Independence Day may have had it’s share of imitators following it’s release back in 1996, it seems that director Roland Emmerich believes the film has gone on to become the “most imitated film” of the last 20 years. The director seems to especially think that Marvel Studios & Warner Bros. DC films are ripping off his work. While speaking with Loaded, the director had the following to say in regards to the matter.

“I felt that when I saw some of these Marvel movies or DC movies from Warners. I felt, ‘oh my God that looks familiar to me’. Why is Superman bashing so many buildings? I was actually warned already by Steven Spielberg that this will happen. He said Independence Day will be the most imitated film of the next 20 years – and he was right. Smart man.”

While there definitely were some films that attempted to imitate the success of Independence Day, it’s hard to imagine that the filmmakers behind recent superhero films are looking at that film for ideas. The director then went on to additionally comment on his lack of interest when it comes to superhero films.

“Very early in my career I was offered one or two of those, but it’s not my kind of film. I grew up in Germany and we weren’t big on superheroes to begin with – they didn’t work as well as everywhere else in the world. Only now they work very well. I just also felt that I wanted to make my own films. I pride myself to make originals. Even Independence Day: Resurgence is quite original for a sequel because it’s more the continuation of the story.”

Uh, alright then Roland. Stay humble. What do you think about Emmerich’s comments? Let us know your thoughts in the section below.

Source: Loaded

Shawn Madden

Shawn Madden

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  • 39steps

    If only we were all so blissfully unaware.

  • JMMagwood

    Oh lord, the man’s hopeless. Is he even aware of what “Independence Day” really is?!?

    • Bruce Norris

      A “holiday” named after HIS movie?

      • SAMURAI36

        Pretty sure that’s vice versa.

        • Bruce Norris

          Come on now, joke? Not a good one but still…

          • SAMURAI36

            LOL, my bad. I wasn’t sure if that’s where you were going, but okay.

  • Marquis de Sade

    Yeah, I called it a few days ago when I accused him of “SOUR GRAPES”.

    • JMMagwood

      Looking at the box office for “Resurgence” that wine those grapes came from tastes like vinegar.

  • beane2099

    Like the movie or not, ID4 did start a new era in film. After that film makers and studios started thinking bigger. Plus, the marketing for that movie was on point. That’s a huge reason why we all went to see it back then; that and Will Smith/Jeff Goldblum. However, disaster films were also big 20 years prior to ID4 (and Ernest Borgnine was in every single one of them) and 20 years prior to that. ID4 did exactly the same thing as War of the Worlds only with better FX. I mean the thing that stopped the aliens was still a virus – only it was a computer virus. And how many Godzilla movies depicted toppling buildings prior to ID4 (admittedy a couple of Godzilla flicks blatantly ripped off ID4 in retaliation for Godzilla ’98).? Anyways, he’s not wrong but he’s not right is the bullet point on all that.

    • Bruce Norris

      Good points. Thing is, his talk makes it seem like he thinks he invented the $#it…that and all the camera angles and FX.

  • I might be wrong with this but bear with me, I actually think they’re “imitating” 80 years of comic book stories.

    Shocking I know.

  • Diego Fernando Salazar Proaño

    I guess he kinda has a point. Obviously he’s not alone but he was among the ones who made destroying cities fun to watch.

  • Joseph Chaisson

    Dude needs to lay off the drugs ID4 is remake of war of the worlds. It was a fun film but nothing revolutionary.

  • Carl

    Damn this guy is delusional. His career is about to be over so I guess he’s just getting it all out while anyone is paying attention to him.

  • flavortang

    Oh, eff off, dude. He made his entire career ripping off other people.

  • mrneddles

    20 years ago Speilberg told me I would be reading and article about some d-bag who would be claiming that everyone would be imitating him for 20 years. He was right!

  • Naoyu C. Mi

    ’nuff said.


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  • Brian Holland

    Perhaps when he said “imitating” he actually meant “improving”….

  • Worldmind

    Most of the imitations of Independence Day were made by…. (drum roll)… Roland Emmerich. Has the guy even SEEN his own movies?

  • Worldmind

    Mr Emmerich, you’ve just made one of the s_h_i_t_t_i_e_s_t films of the year, or last few years. Shut yer face, and don’t make any more films.