Ron Perlman Talks ‘Justice League Dark’ Rumors

Ron Perlman

Warner Bros. is moving forward with Justice League Dark and with the announcement that Doug Liman will be directing the live-action adaptation, the Internet has turned into a mixing pot for casting suggestions. Which actors will be playing the roles of Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna, Etrigan the Demon and Constantine? Ron Perlman’s name has already been mentioned often for Swap Thing.

The project will be produced by Scott Rudin. Michael Gilio is writing the script and it appears that his line-up will consist of Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna, Etrigan the Demon and “Det. John Constantine.” This movie will be set in the DC Extended Universe.

Perlman talked with and addressed the rumors, saying that they were nothing more than “urban myth Internet noise.”

While Perlman isn’t a part of Justice League Dark yet, this hasn’t stopped him from pursuing other comic book movie roles, including reminding Marvel Studios that he is available.

Perlman is no stranger to comic book movies, he starred in 2004’s Hellboy, which was directed by Guillermo del Toro.

As previously reported, Warner Bros. Animation is working on an animated Justice League Dark movie, which will be released later this year. The live-action movie doesn’t have an official release date yet.


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