Christopher McQuarrie Sets The Record Straight Regarding ‘Rogue One’ Rumors

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Writer/director Christopher McQuarrie wants to set the record straight when it comes to the recent Rogue One rumors circulating on the web. McQuarrie’s name had been in the mix with these rumors that he would be a supervising the reshoots but he has clarified that he has no part in that.

“If there are any reshoots on Rogue One, I’m not supervising them. For any outlet to say so is not only wrong, it’s irresponsible. Gareth Edwards is a talented filmmaker who deserves the benefit of the doubt. Making a film – let alone a Star Wars chapter – is hard enough without the internet trying to deliberately downgrade one’s years of hard work. Who does that even serve? Let him make his movie in peace.”

It had been previously reported by Page Six that Disney and LucasFilm were worried about Gareth Edwards’ film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and that a large portion of the film would have to undergo reshoots.

Deadline is reporting that the film is indeed going into re-shoots this Summer as previously discussed online, but debunked the rumor that the film test screened for audiences.

Deadline goes onto explain that Disney has not test screened any of their LucasFilm movies. The Force Awakens for example, was not test screened for audiences – probably due to the fear of potential spoilers leaking out. The site claims that their sources felt that the first cut was lacking the edge that J.J. Abrams’ film had and the story needs to gel. It has also been reported that this additional work on the film will not impact its release date.

Directed by Gareth Edwards and starring Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Riz Ahmed, Ben Mendelsohn, Donnie Yen, Jiang Wen, Alan Tudyk, Forrest Whitaker, and Mads Mikkelsen, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be released on December 16.

Source: Slash Film 

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    I hope all the blogs take note of this.

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      Wait till some DC related happens,lol

      • Lupin

        lol D%v!n F**** and HitFix threw away their integrity long ago. Journalistic what? Not even in their vocabulary/lexicon.

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          Yeah, at this point, anyone who believes anything Farce says, is more of an idiot than he is.

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            Well said!

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          I’m not following, you guys are so silly with these conspiracy theories. Did you read what those guys wrote about the situation a couple days ago? Pretty much wait and see.

          • Lupin

            D%v!n Farce only does that when it comes to Marvel or STARWARS of which he is a fan. All his blog posts are agenda driven.
            He takes every opportunity to try to brainwash people into believing that DC is in trouble and theyre changing things because BvS was a failure and theyre panicking and reactionary – ALL FALSE!
            He makes up rumors and posts unsubstantiated drivel recklessly. Anyone who believes hi is even more of a moron than he is. #yeahIsaidit

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            DC is clearly in trouble. Do you deny that BvS under performed? It did and the director of the Flash left and there was a shake up of producers.

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            DC is not in trouble.
            BvS could have performed better, but it wasn’t a failure by any stretch of reasonable imagination.
            The director of Flash didnt leave, he was a first time director and they upgraded him. It happens ALL the freaking time, it has happened at MARVEL at least 3 times, does that mean MARVEL Studios is in trouble?
            The restructured from within. Nobody got fired. These are the same creatives that had a hand in BvS.
            the DCEU has greenlit more films as a response to BvS. They didnt scrap the DCEU or talk reboot, they are doing even more based on their feelings about BvS.
            Obvisouly they would have liked ~$1b for BvS and great critical reception so theyre fine tuning so they hit the bullseye. It’s like when u get a B and you’re shifting things so you get an A+

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            Rose colored glasses, man.

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            Nah in life theres 3 stories –
            Rose colored glasses = Everything is wonderful. BvS did the best, no one is worried
            Hater tinted shades = BvS Fallout, everything bad, BvS was a failure, theyre panicking
            Reailty = theyre course correcting so they hit the bullseye, BvS did great but could have done better, theyre restructuring not firing and rehiring. Theyre on the same path with same vision.

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            Devin Farce is a hack blogger and a douchebag.
            He’s the worst of the blogging community and everyone that associates with him and follows him looks like a clown to me.
            This is a guy that constantly bullies and ridicules people, artists and their work as it suits his fancy …. then turns around and writes articles stating that fans are broken because they are entitled and reactionary. What that fawck?!
            He’s the worst!