RUMOR: Amazon Eyeing To Takeover AMC Theaters

Amazon AMC Theatres

A brand new rumor suggests that tech conglomerate Amazon is looking to takeover AMC Theatres.

Movie theatres are around the world have been having a pretty tough time in the wake of the coronavirus, which has caused all facets of the entertainment industry to shutter. AMC Theatres, both the world’s and The United States’ largest cinema chain hasn’t been taking it all too well as they were recently dabbling with bankruptcy worries. AMC Theatres also owns and operate Odeon Cinemas in the United Kingdom. According to a brand new rumor from Daily Mail, AMC Theatres may have a hero in Amazon, who appears to be interested in taking over the cinema chain.

According to the rumor, both Amazon and AMC Theatres have had early discussions regarding the takeover. Currently, it’s unclear if both companies are still actively in talks and if an actual takeover will take place. In the past few years, Jeff Bezos’ e-commerce brainchild Amazon has slowly planted its seeds in numerous other ventures, such as purchasing popular grocer Whole Foods and producing and distributing their own films through Amazon Studios, such as the Oscar-winning Manchester By The Sea. They even have their own streaming service, Prime Video, which is currently producing a much-anticipated Lord of the Rings television series.

If this takeover were to take place, one can imagine that Amazon would successfully integrate the cinema chain into its ecosystem as it has done with its other ventures. Beyond that, the cinema chain would get some much needed health in a time where its pretty much operating on life support. The takeover would no doubt be controversial as Amazon would be owning and operating both a studio and a cinema chain, which is currently against regulations in The United States. Of course, this is just a rumor but it certainly is interesting to think about.

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Source: Daily Mail