RUMOR: Batman Solo Film To Be Based On ‘Under The Red Hood’

A new report claims the Batman film will be influenced by Judd Winnick's fan-favorite comic book storylines Under The Red Hood and A Death In The Family.

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Ever since the slate for Warner Bros. & DC’s upcoming films was revealed, there’s been questions about a solo Batman film. While there has been no official confirmation from the studio regarding the project, its definitely in the works. Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns will be working on a script for the film, with the former expected to direct as well. For quite some time there’s been some rumblings circulating regarding what the film could be about and we’ve now got word about what to expect when Batman returns to the big screen for his next solo outing. While we will label the following as rumors, I will add that these match up with some rumblings that I have heard this summer as well and it seems one of the reasons DC has been pushing the character on all fronts. So, I’d say the signs point to this one leaning more towards the legit column.

JoBlo’s sources have revealed to them that the next film will be heavily influenced by Judd Winnick’s fan-favorite comic book storylines “Under The Red Hood” & “A Death In The Family”. The first storyline was a controversial one that saw Batman’s dead ex-sidekick Jason Todd coming back to life, after being brutally beaten to death by The Joker, and returning to Gotham as the incredibly violent anti-hero Red Hood. There was also a DC Animated feature adaptation of the storyline that was released back in 2010.

There’s long been rumors about Jason Todd being a part of the DCEU and even being referred to as a “priority character” for Warner Bros. This was seemingly confirmed this summer when the trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice featured a Robin suit that had numerous holes and graffiti, which clearly was from The Joker, stating “HAHA JOKES ON YOU BATMAN” across the suit. I mean, there’s only been one Robin to feature his demise at the hands of Batman’s nemesis. Kinda obvious that it’s his suit that we’re seeing on display in the Batcave and not Dick Grayson, who the site reveals will be active as Nightwing and play in a role assisting against The Joker & Red Hood on the film.

ontrary to the assumption that the message that is received by Bruce Wayne in Batman v Superman is from The Joker, the character does not know Batman’s identity in the DC Extended Universe. There’s every chance this could be them setting this storyline up early on.

Is this storyline one the best options for a solo Bat-flick? Definitely. It’s something different than we’ve seen on the big screen and keeps them from retreading the same territory that we’ve already seen before. The biggest question now is who do they get to play Jason Todd? This film’s story will only be as strong as who they cast in this role and it seems Warner Bros. is looking to cast an unknown. Let us know what you think about all of this in the comments below.

Source: JoBlo

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