Rumor: ‘Bond 25’ Taps Neal Purvis & Robert Wade To Write Screenplay

Daily Mail writer Baz Bamigboye has tweeted that Neal Purvis and Robert Wade to write the script for the 25th installment of the Bond franchise. Bamigboye also claims Daniel Craig is still deciding whether or not he shall return for another outing as Bond.

Take this news with a grain of salt as it in no way confirms that Wade and Purvis are in fact writing the script for the next installment, however, it would come as no great surprise if the rumor does indeed become true. Wade and Purvis themselves are no strangers to the franchise as they have both written on every bond film from the last 18 years ranging from The World is not Enough all the way up to 2015’s Spectre.

Sure, the Bond franchise has been on a bit of a rollercoaster since Wade and Purvis got involved but they have also helped to deliver Casino Royale and Skyfall which are some of the greatest Bond films making them a relatively safe choice for the studio.

While Bond 25 remains untitled and  Craig has yet to be confirmed to return to the role of Bond himself, Craig’s Bond co-star Naomi Harris recently said there is a “good chance” he’ll return for another outing. Although Craig was very vocal about wanting to move on from the role during the press tour for Spectre, he has also said he would miss playing the iconic Spy if he left the franchise.

As of last September, Craig is still the number one choice to play James Bond. There is no official start date for production as of yet but EON productions is rumored to be in negotiations to shoot Bond 25 in Croatia.

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Source: Daily Mail

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