Rumor: ‘Green Lantern Corps’ To Include 3 Earth Members

DC’s future movie line up is looking pretty great. Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and Justice League are up next. Heroic Hollywood, dropped a few scoops on some of DC’s more distant films like Shazam and a character breakdown for The Flash. While we haven’t heard anything about Cyborg, if you’re interested the other DC Film due out in 2020 we may have some exciting news for you.

2020’s Green Lantern Corps is still very far away and we haven’t yet received a casting. A WB Executive recently stated that none of the Green Lanterms would arrive until the solo film in 2020 and that’s looking more and more likely. No one is currently in contention for any GL, but they are in the process of casting him. Previously rumored for the role of Hal Jordan, Chris Pine declined thst there were ever any talks. He was ultimately cast as Steve Trevor in the solo Wonder Woman film.

Latino Review is reporting that in addition to Hal Jordan and John Stewart one more Green Lantern will be added to the team. Kyle Rayner  is the latest Green Lantern that will be enlisted into the Green Lantern Corps when it hits theaters in 2020. They also report that the studio is actively looking to cast an older actor around Matt Damon’s age for Hal. Justice League has already started filming and if they plan on including Green Lantern in some shape or form, they need to have him cast very soon.

What do you guys think about Kyle Rayner teaming up with Hal Jordan and John Stewart? Are you a little let down that they’re leaving out Guy Gardner? Sound off in the comments section.

The next installment to the DC Extended Universe, Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5th, 2016 and Green Lantern Corps hits theaters June 19th, 2020!

SOURCE: Latino Review

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