RUMOR: Marvel Studios Could Be Setting Up Doctor Doom’s Introduction

Doctor Doom previously appeared in Josh Trank's Fantastic Four (2015).

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A new rumor suggests that Marvel will be introducing Doctor Doom and his native country of Latveria through the character of Lucia Von Bardas.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is looking to expand its horizons with the Fox characters that Disney recently purchased. With characters from the Fantastic Four and X-Men under their belt, it makes sense that Marvel wants to bring iconic villain Doctor Doom onto the big screen. The character’s previous cinematic efforts have been mediocre and it’s up to Marvel to bring the villain the justice it deserves. The wait for Doom’s debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe may take a bit of time according to a new rumor from MCU Cosmic.

The outlet suggests that Latveria will be introduced through Lucia Von Bardas, a character who is going to be introduced in an upcoming Marvel project. Von Bardas has served as Doom’s successor after he was overthrown as the dictator of Latveria. In fact, Von Bardas has previously taken on the mantle of Doctor Doom and has exhibited some violent tendencies.

It is surprising that Marvel wouldn’t introduce Doctor Doom outright but others have failed quite horribly in the past. Doctor Doom and Latveria have a rich legacy and hastiness shouldn’t be something present in his story. If Marvel is really going to introduce us to Latveria and Doom through Lucia Von Bardas then so be it. Currently, there’s no information regarding which project she’ll be appearing and that too in what capacity. It’s easy to imagine her as a diplomat or the dictator of Latveria but that’s the most obvious answer. We’ll just have to wait and see if this rumor is true and if it is, see how Doctor Doom is revealed.

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Source: MCU Cosmic