RUMOR: Sony Once Again Looking To Develop ‘Silver Sable’ Film With ‘Shame’ Screenwriter

It appears that Sony is still looking to develop their own corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with their Spider-Man properties and there might be movement again on a project revealed during the leaks of the studio’s e-mails. On this week’s episode of Meet The Movie Press, Jeff Sneider revealed that he has heard that Sony is still interested in developing a Silver Sable film and are currently talking with Shame & The Invisible Woman screenwriter Abi Morgan about the project with hopes that she’ll pen the film’s script. No other details were revealed.

If you’re unfamiliar with the character, Silver Sable is an anti-hero/mercenary that have been closely connected to Spider-Man over the years as both foe and ally. The character doesn’t have any superpowers, so it could be that Sony is looking to develop something along the lines of a female led spy franchise. Perhaps something along the lines of Nikita?

While I’m sure there’s going to be some out there who won’t be too excited about this news, this potential franchise could definitely offer something different up when it comes to comic book films. With Marvel & Sony working together these days, there’s even the possibility that we could see a team-up between the character and Black Widow somewhere down the line. What do you think about this news? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: MTMP

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Shawn Madden

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