RUMOR: Names Of Three Characters Appearing In ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’ Possibly Revealed

While we’ve learned a number of additions to the cast of the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, there’s yet to be any word regarding any of their roles minus Pom Klementieff’s ‘Mantis’. According to ComicBookMovie‘s source, we might know the characters that three of the supporting actors will be playing in the film. The site states that Elizabeth Debicki will be playing ‘Ayesha’, who might just be an incarnation of Paragon, a character with ties to Adam Warlock. The two were created by the same group of scientists on earth to become genetic superhuman beings who’d later escape their creators and end up in outer-space. The character also has ties to Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel in the comics.

Tommy Flanagan, who we revealed to be a member of the Ravagers, may be playing a character named ‘Tullk’. There is an alien character named ‘Tllk Ul-Zyn’ who appeared in the comics and worked for Ronan The Accuser. Doesn’t seem like they’re going that route and might be just be using the name solely for the live-action incarnation. The final name that they reveal is for Chris Sullivan. and it seems that the actor is playing a character by the name of ‘Tsarface’. However, while there is no character by that name in the comics, very well could be a play on ‘Overkill’ aka ‘Taserface’. Sound off with your thoughts on these possible roles in the comments section below.

Source: ComicBookMovie

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