RUMOR: What’s The Deal With The Standalone ‘Superman’ Sequel

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Before we start a new rumor, how about we kill an old one first. For starters, the Man Of Steel sequel has NOT been put on permanent hold. That claim is just ridiculous. Superman is still a key player and part of the DCEU’s long term strategy.

What’s up with Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller? Last week, Zack Snyder made the following comments to

“George doing one of the DC movies? Oh my God, absolutely. George can do anything he wants, in my opinion. We haven’t talked about it, and to be frank I just didn’t know what he was thinking of doing next. But yeah, if I was to think he had any interest in them of course I’m happy to talk to him.”

Cute. Where I come from it’s called spin. Although Zack Snyder has a say and plays a big part helping mold the DCEU, ultimately it’s not his call, it’s the studio’s call.

What I am hearing? George Miller simply hasn’t decided yet what to do next, but if he wants the Man Of Steel sequel it’s his. Get this, Warner Bros. brass also put Dark Universe on the table now that Guillermo Del Toro has left the project. There are those who feel DC’s band of misfits that make up Justice League Dark is right up George Miller’s alley. My two cents? I rather see George Miller take on Superman than Swamp Thing.

Next, when could we expect to see Superman in a standalone film?

With both Justice League movies gearing up to shoot over the next few years, Superman at the earliest would get his sequel around either 2019 or 2020 from what I am being told. The studio not only has to figure out when to slate Superman but the upcoming Batman film that Ben Affleck is supposed to direct. More on Batman in a later article.

Last but not least what bad guy could we see go up against Superman in the standalone film? That is being worked out as well but from what I am being told, it would be the cinematic introduction of Brainiac.

Remember, Zack Snyder has already gone on the record about Brainiac and teased the super villain in a future film. He told Entertainment Weekly in the Comic Con issue:

“I remember talking about, ‘What’s the next villain?’” said Snyder. “‘We can’t do another alien invasion.’ Brainiac was definitely down the road.”

Brainiac is my favorite Superman villain so I hope they do the character justice in a Superman sequel. Geoff Johns in recent years has given Brainiac an upgrade in Action Comics #866-870. The five issue run was made into an animated feature Superman: Unbound. With Geoff Johns co-writing the Batman film with Ben Affleck, it wouldn’t surprise me if he has a say in the next Superman film if they indeed use Brainiac.

In closing, the Superman sequel isn’t on permanent hold, George Miller may still take a crack at it, the film will happen in the next few years, and Braniac will most likely be your bad guy. I will update you guys as learn more. What do you guys think? Chime in below.

Umberto Gonzalez

Umberto Gonzalez

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