RUMOR: Will George Miller Direct A DCEU Film For Warners?

Here is where we are in terms of George Miller and the DCEU

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A while back on either Periscope or on Meet The Movie Press, I dropped the rumor I heard that George Miller might direct the Man of Steel sequel for Warner Brothers. Miller went up to the set of Suicide Squad to visit with producers and have further talks about it.

When I drop rumors on Periscope or YouTube shows, I do it for fun to show what I’m tracking. I hear stuff daily and some stuff pans out and most stuff doesn’t. I don’t go on the record and post every rumor because again a lot more stuff falls apart.

Because my buddy Jon Schnepp went on a YouTube show to talk about George Miller and Man of Steel 2, the internet lost its mind this morning. So what is indeed the latest? Will it happen? I checked in with sources this morning and here is where we are in terms of Miller and the DCEU: the sticking point right now is budget. Both sides don’t seem to agree at the moment on a budget, but my sources think that the issue can be worked between both sides.

I’m a student of history. Again, remember George Miller had a shooting script and cast ready to go for Justice League Mortal and that fell apart. So at this point anything is possible. Hence still, the rumor status.

I hope it be can worked out because George Miller would crush a DCEU film. I’ll be following developments as it happens so stay tuned.

Umberto Gonzalez

Umberto Gonzalez

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