Marvel’s ‘Runaways’: Gregg Sulkin On Filming & How Chase Will Be More…

Marvel's 'Runaways': Gregg Sulkin On Filming & How Chase Will Be More Layered Than In Comics. 'Runaways' will be airing on Hulu.

Marvel’s Runaways actor Gregg Sulkin, who will be playing Chase, recently appeared at Wizard World Philadelphia. The actor had a panel where he discussed how he got the part of Chase, when the Runaways will start filming, and in what ways Chase will be different than his comic book counterpart.

Thanks to Pop-Culturalist, here’s a break down of Sulkin’s panel.

How He Learned He Got the Part
Jeph Loeb, the Head of Marvel TV, called Gregg and told him that he was about to hear three words that would change his life forever: “Welcome to Marvel”. Gregg played it cool on the phone but geeked out afterwards.

The Cast Didn’t Know If the Series Would Be Picked Up
They shot the pilot back in February, but with the potential writers’ strike looming, they had no idea what their fate would be.

When Will They Start Shooting?
The cast is heading to Los Angeles in three weeks to begin filming the first season of Runaways. Gregg joked that he was excited to be able to sleep in his own bed.

Leap of Faith
When Gregg signed onto the show, he wasn’t given the script. He knew Josh Schwartz was involved with the project and that was enough for him to sign on for seven years.

How Faithful will the Adaptation be?
Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, the showrunners of Runaways, plan to stay true to the comics but will also make it their own. Gregg acknowledged how much Chase means to a lot of people and feels the responsibility to do a good job. He says out of all the characters, Chase probably changed the most. In the comics, he’s stereotyped as a dumb jock, but they hope to make Chase more layered in the television series.

Marvel’s Runaways will be airing on Hulu, but there’s no set date yet, but since the show will begin filming in three weeks, we’re sure to get more information soon.

Source: Pop-Culturalist

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