Russo Bros On ‘Civil War’: “It’s Not Over Yet”


By the time we reach the final climactic battle in Captain America: Civil War, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are in the most personal brawl we have seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far. Perhaps the most powerful moment of this fight was the moment Rogers drops his mighty shield. Stark felt that Rogers was not worthy of wielding the shield, especially after finding out about Bucky’s involvement in the deaths of his mother and father.

Now, fans know that Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America, which will be established well by the time Avengers: Infinity War begins. When asked by Quora about the conflict of Rogers’ morals in the aftermath of Civil War, co-director Joe Russo had this to say:

At the end of Civil War Cap drops his shield because Tony tells him he doesn’t deserve it any longer, and perhaps he doesn’t. His responsibility to himself is now in conflict with his responsibility to others, and he will struggle to resolve that. His road forward involves figuring out who Steve Rogers is without the shield.

Anthony and Joe Russo were also asked on who they felt won Civil War. Was it #TeamCap? Or was it #TeamIronMan? According to Joe, the actual war in Phase 3 of the MCU has only just begun:

We always thought of this movie as the start of the war. It’s not over yet.

What could this possibly mean? From the looks of it, the repercussions of Civil War will have a significant effect not only with Avengers: Infinity War, but also with the other outings in the MCU. I am especially curious to see how the aftermath plays into films like Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and especially Black Panther. Which ways do you think Civil War will further affect our heroes? Sound off in the comments below.

Captain America: Civil War is now available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital HD.

Source: Quora

Noah Villaverde

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  • Radar Technician Matt

    Civil War 2 everyone! Woooooooo…. yeah…..

  • Jewie

    Than maybe they shouldn’t have called this one Civil War if it was just the beginning. Maybe it should’ve been called Divided We Fall and the next Avengers could’ve been Civil War, which could lead into Infinity War as the fourth Avengers.

    • Fenix


      • Jewie

        Thanks for the input.

        • Fenix


  • LupeX

    So Steve Rogers will need to redeem himself from being selfish and not a hero? I miss the days when heroes actually sacrificed for others and not themselves. At least we still have Superman and Iron Man thinking about others

    • Chrissie MacAlister

      Steve *was* thinking of others. The others being all the people a tightly supervised Avengers team might fail to help if this “UN Committee” disapproves of any action. And he was thinking of Bucky Barnes, who was not only his childhood friend, but his only link to a world that he SACRIFICED FOR OTHERS, and not for himself.

      • Brian

        Steve was only thinking of one “other”, Bucky, a man who very well could have been someone completely different than the one he grew up with. People change. He lied to Tony to protect himself, and admitted as much in his letter to Tony at the end.

        • Fenix

          Nope, Steve disagreed with Accords before he knew about the UN attack.

    • Fenix

      He was a hero though, he saved an innocent man from being killed on sight. He never specifically knew for a fact that Bucky killed Howard and Maria Stark, just that Hydra orchestrated it. Bucky also was completely not in control of his actions so legally he is not responsible. It’s also not manslaughter either because he didn’t choose to go under the brainwashing or choose to imbibe if this was a drunk driving allegory.