Russo Bros. Provide A Ton Of Details On ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Coming off their appearance at New Orleans WizardWorld, we are hearing more from the Russos and what is in store for us in Captain America: Civil War.

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Coming off their appearance at New Orleans WizardWorld, we are hearing more from the Russo brothers and what is in store for us in Captain America: Civil War.

In an interview while promoting their new film studio in China, Joe and Anthony Russo discuss the Winter Soldier’s importance to Civil War, Captain America’s journey, General Ross’ return to the MCU, the presence of HYDRA and a relationship Spider-Man develops. There is a lot to chew on in the nearly 16:30 video here, but lets break down some of it.

Anthony Russo on HYDRA’s role:

“HYDRA isn’t central to the third movie as it has been in the past, like in ‘The Winter Soldier’, but the legacy of HYDRA is still there. Even though HYDRA has been sort of vanquished, so to speak, it left a legacy that is still complicating our characters’ lives. So they do have a presence in the movie, even if they’re not central to the film.”

With the inclusion of Crossbones, we can guess where we will feel HYDRA’s legacy.

Joe Russo on General Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross’ big presence:

“He’s a character who was ham-fisted in his approach in ‘The Incredible Hulk’, and that’s probably a polite way to put it. And I think he’s learned from his over-aggressiveness in that movie and he’s become more of a politician. He’s much savvier now. And he’s cornering the Avengers [because] superheroes have always been a [problem] to him; he’s not a fan of them. So now he’s come at them strategically by aligning the world against them. So, he’s gotten much savvier and I think you’ll find that he’s grown as a character, he’s different than he was in ‘The Incredible Hulk’. And he’s more formidable and political opponent to them.”

Some really interesting tid-bits here about Ross’s character development, specifically his political-savvy and his changing approach to dealing with powered people.  We haven’t seen Ross since 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, so it is interesting to learn about the characters progression in that time.

Joe Russo on the Red Hulk rumors:

“There’s always a chance at Marvel that you can see anything … But there’s no Red Hulk in ‘Civil War’.”

Anthony Russo on Spider-Man developing a relationship:

“Spider-Man enters the movie after the Avengers sort of pick sides. He’s doesn’t have a huge investment politically, but he develops a very personal relationship while he picks his side. I won’t talk about the personal relationship he develops, but it’s very interesting. One of the most special parts of the movie.”

So this is interesting,  who does Spider-Man develop this relationship with.  If it follow’s the comic storyline at all, maybe he develops a relationship with Stark, sort of in the way Stark and Banner’s relationship grew.  Could the “Science Bros” be getting a junior addition?

Joe Russo on the Winter Soldier’s importance to the story:

“He’s a very important character to this storytelling. The thing about ‘Civil War’ is we did not want the movie to become exclusively about politics and characters arguing about politics. That’s very boring. You go to see that movie [in theaters] and you start throwing your candy at the screen because it’s not a movie that’s very compelling to see. What’s compelling to see is when characters are emotionally invested in the storytelling and it was very important to us that there be an emotional engine that drives the characters in the movie. The thing that is very emotional to Cap is his relationship to Bucky, his long-lost brother who’d been tortured by HYDRA, had his mind wiped, has done horrible things, and don’t know how to come back from those things. And Cap doesn’t know if it’s possible to make that character whole again or not, if they’ll ever get back anything that he’s lost. ”

Joe Russo details Captain America’s journey:

“Captain America is a character who has suffered great lost. The journey that he goes on through ‘Winter Soldier’ and ‘Civil War’ is a journey back to himself and trying to decide whether or not his allegiance should be to himself and to the things that he holds dear, or whether it should still be to the patriotic duty that he signed up for all those years ago. And whether he can still treat it with the same reverence that he did when he signed up. So, it’s a very emotional journey for the character and it is his movie.”

With rumor’s swirling about Cap’s fate in Civil War, does Joe Russo hint to Steve Rogers hanging up the shield and retiring as Cap by the end.  Of course, we know he will pick it back up when Thanos unleashes hell on earth in the Avengers: Infinity War saga

Like I said, this is a lot of information!  What do you think?  Who does Spider-Man form a relationship with?  What will happen to Cap at the end?  Let us know what you think!

Are you ready to choose your side?

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6th, 2016.

Source: ComicBookMovie

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