‘Avengers: Infinity War’ & Its Sequel Will Be More Than Just The ‘Culmination’ Of The MCU

Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel, the currently untitled Avengers 4, will finally begin filming later this year, but the first of these two movies won’t be hitting theaters until May 2018, while the other one won’t be out for another year after that. Both of these movies are expected to wrap up most of the events that have happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2008’s Iron Man, but also tease a number of things that we’re going to see in future Avengers sequels, as well as many other standalone movies.

While doing the press rounds to promote the Blu-Ray release of Captain America: Civil War, the Russo Brothers spoke with IGN about how Infinity War will be both an ending and new starting point (sort of) for the MCU. Here’s what Anthony Russo had to say:

“I can’t get into too much detail about who we’re introducing, but these two movies are intended to be the culmination of everything that has happened in the MCU since the very first Iron Man movie. In being a culmination, these movies are in some ways going to be an end to certain things, and in some ways, they’re going to be the beginning of certain things.”

Obviously, the two directors wouldn’t reveal which characters will be introduced in the next two Avengers movies, but Anthony did talk about the process of choosing the ones that will be in them:

“It’s a little bit of both, because you always have to make sure that your choices feel organic to the storytelling, and really, you have to sort of structure them in the way that they need to be there. You have to have them, or they shouldn’t be in the movie. It’s a little bit of a dance between the two, where you have big eyes, and you want everybody included in the movie, but you have to go through the process of… what’s the best story that you can tell.”

What do you guys think? Are you looking forward to seeing the Avengers going toe-to-toe with Thanos? Be sure to sound-off your thoughts in the comment section.

Source: IGN

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