Russo Brothers Talk ‘Captain America: Civil War’, Confirm Sokovia Accords

The directors of the highly-anticipated Captain America: Civil War spoke about the 2016 release and broke down the recently-released trailer for the film.

Captain America Civil War

The directors of the highly-anticipated Captain America: Civil War spoke with Empire Magazine about the 2016 release and broke down the recently released trailer for the film. In this breakdown, the directing duo commented on one of the key differences between the film and the comic book event of the same name. It had been rumored and disccuses for a bit but The Russos have now confirmed that the Sokovia Accords (which can be seen in the trailer) will replace the Superhuman Registration Act that sparked the conflict in the comics. Sokovia, if you’re somehow lost at the moment on the name, is the city that was destroyed in Ultron’s attack in the last Avengers film. Joe Russo had the following to say about the Sokovia Accords.

“We’re using the essence of what Civil War was about,. The comic book isn’t applicable to the storytelling that we’ve structured up to this point, but the concept of registration, the notion that heroes need to be either monitored or controlled because their power can be scary, is applicable.”

Being that there aren’t exactly many secret identities in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, other than a few characters such as Ant-Man and Daredevil, the act doesn’t really fit in with that universe and isn’t an issue that would cause a conflict. The Captain America directors further commented on the matter and the point behind the Accords with the site.

“The Accords are the world jointly trying to govern the Avengers moving forward. It has to do with the effects of Ultron and Sokovia, and New York City [roundly trashed at the end of The Avengers], and Washington D.C. [nearly devastated by falling helicarriers at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier]. Examining the third acts of all the Marvel movies, we’re saying, if you could point to the collateral damage in all those incidents, could you use that against the Avengers to control them?”

The directing duo also went on to point out that the stakes are much higher this time around with Captain America taking on the establishment and not an evil organization.

“You have to pit him against the establishment, only this time it’s even graver consequences and even graver stakes than in Winter Soldier. In Winter Soldier, he was on the side of right because the establishment had been corrupted by a very evil organisation. In this movie, it’s just the establishment versus Captain America and he has to make a choice whether or not he can tolerate the establishment any longer.”

This all makes a lot of sense in relation to the current state of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and all of the changes to the source material appear to be working in the film’s favor. Personally? I’m liking that they are leaning on a more personal and smaller scope for the film’s plot and am beyond excited to see what The Russo Brothers have in store for us next year. Let us know your thoughts on the Russo’s comments and the film’s trailer in the section below.

Source: Empire

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