Sounds Like Marvel Could Be Bringing Back Their One-Shots As Digital Content

So, remember the Marvel One-Shots that they used to feature on their Blu-Ray releases? These short films which featured the likes of ‘Agent Coulson’,  ‘Peggy Carter’ and more first started with the home video release of Thor. Over the course of time five of them were released but they disappeared after All Hail The King, which was one of the more exciting ones of the bunch, that was released with Thor: The Dark World. Well, it sounds like there’s a chance we might start seeing these pop up again.

While speaking Forbes, Captain America: Civil War co-directors Joe & Anthony Russo commented on the decline in home video purchase and how that has had a direct impact on the extra content which is feature on these discs. While approaching the upcoming two-part Avengers: Infinity War, the directing duo revealed they are looking at new ways to feature this extra content which somewhat sounds like they could be bringing back the shorts.

We have gone through a little bit of a transition with that content, We can’t go into too many details about this but we are thinking, very specifically, about to do new ways of what you are talking about with Avengers: Infinity War. We’re just in the beginning phases of figuring them out. Yes, DVDs are gone but there is this wonderful internet platform out there called YouTube.

We’re also talking to Facebook and Twitter and Instagram about ways to feed ancillary content to them and to viewers because it’ll go viral there and you can reach millions of people. The platform is changing but it is a lot easier to sit on your couch and Apple TV pops up rather than you having to get up and find a DVD, so it is what it is, and there are always new and different ways to reach the audience.

In addition to the Marvel One-Shots and other additional content, it seems the duo is also looking at new types of content to create hype for the film such as “elaborate versions of trailers for instance, that are shot specifically for online that will never appear in the movie but that may appear as a kind of short film for a movie in the same way that a trailer does.” 

That’s definitely something interesting that I’ve never heard tossed around before. While there is a lot of talk about switching away from disc to digital above, I definitely know that I have no intent of switching personally. So, here’s hoping that if they do start establishing new forms of content in the MCU, that it’ll also be available on the discs when they hit. What do you think? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Forbes

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