Ryan Reynolds On Deadpool’s Oscar Chances & The Sequel

Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool himself, has come out to speak on whether the 20th Century Fox film truly has a shot at the Oscars.

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Deadpool has been having a surprise run at award shows these past months. With recognition at the Golden Globes, Producers Guild, Writers Guild, ACE, Makeup and Hair Stylists Guild, Director’s Guild, and the VES, many are wondering if Deadpool has a shot at the Oscars. Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool himself, has come out to speak on whether the film truly has a shot.

“[Deadpool’s the] little big movie that could. We were recently thinking back to those emails when we were cracking the story in a sweaty New Orleans hotel room. Even when we made the film, the expectations were quite low. And any time there’s been anything campaign-oriented, it’s mostly been tongue-in-cheek. In terms of the push for awards and awards attention, we’ve been pretty quiet about it, other than just showing up.”

Award committee’s fall for Deadpool’s story: a film which took about a decade to produce, and ended up being made with a relatively small budget. And industry reaction to Ryan Reynolds and company not pushing for awards recognition has been favorable.

“We never wanted to over-campaign it, because it’s not in the spirit of what the property is. It’s been the anti-campaign campaign,” a studio source told Variety.

Yet in regards to jokes for the sequel, Ryan Reynolds says there may be some award references.

“I don’t know that he’ll talk about awards season, but maybe something about how great the year has been. Maybe Deadpool will have, like, 20% more self-loathing because of it.”

Stay tuned for the latest news regarding Ryan Reynolds and his future as Deadpool!

Source: Variety

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