‘Deadpool’: Ryan Reynolds Still Enjoys All The Love Film Gets

Deadpool 3 Movie Ryan Reynolds MCU

One of the biggest fears among actors, especially A-listers, is the fear of getting to be known and defined for only one character; but that doesn’t seem to be the case with Ryan Reynolds who in a interview with Al Roker during the red carpet of the 74th Golden Globes Awards last night, revealed that he very much still enjoys all the love Deadpool is getting. After all it took him 11 years to finally get it done.

‘I’ve been trying to get this movie made for 11 years, so no. I’m okay with that. I’m fine with that,’ He continued. ‘I can’t believe we even got it made let alone all of this.’

He also gave his take on why he thinks the Deadpool movie did so well despite being R rated and arriving on a hero overload era.

‘I think it approached the genre in a different way that was refreshing for a lot of people in a genre that’s reaching peak superhero. I think people enjoyed that. In the end of the day, they enjoyed the movie, and that’s all you ever really want.’

You can check out the Reynolds comments on the clip below.

Deadpool is out on Blu-Ray/DVD as well as purchasable through Digital Download. The sequel, directed by David Leitch, is reportedly eyed for a 2018 release.

Source: Al Roker