‘Green Lantern’ Series Writer Wants To Right The Wrongs Of Ryan Reynolds’ Film

There's much to be learned.

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Green Lantern series writer Marc Guggenheim is looking to right the wrongs of the Ryan Reynolds film.

A brand new Green Lantern television series is currently in development for HBO Max, and actors Finn Wittrock and Jeremy Irvine are set to play Guy Gardner and Alan Scott in the upcoming series based on DC Comics’ beloved Corps. From the looks of it, the series aims to learn from the past mistakes made in the much-reviled 2011 film which starred Ryan Reynolds.

In an interview with ComicBookMovie.com, writer Marc Guggenheim discussed the approach that is being taken with the upcoming new HBO Max series. It’s safe to say that they’re looking to improve upon Ryan Reynolds’ movie. Here is what he said about the creative process:

“Green Lantern, we’re approaching it as doing it distinct from the Arrowverse. It’s not going to have any creative tendrils. But yeah, myself, Greg Berlanti, Lamont Magee, Geoff Johns, we’ve all got experience in the Arrowverse. I’m sure that in some way, shape, or form, the sensibilities but also a lot of lessons, we learned a lot of lessons across doing these shows both from a creative standpoint and a production standpoint. I’m sure we’ll be bringing that experience to Green Lantern as we get deeper and deeper into the series.

Greg and I have worked together for 16 years now. We’ve worked together on a lot of different things – some DC-related, some not DC-related. He came to me years ago, now, with the idea of ‘DC is letting us do a Green Lantern series for their streaming service, would you want to be involved?’ And, I said, of course. Because of the movie and that experience, there’s a strong desire on my part and on Greg’s part to get right what had been gotten wrong ten years ago.”

Lee Toland Krieger is currently set to direct the first two episodes of the upcoming series. The director has previously helmed episodes of Riverdale, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Superman and Lois. 

In addition to the Green Lantern series, HBO Max is also developing a Strange Adventures DC anthology series, a DC Super Hero High show from Elizabeth Banks, James Gunn’s Peacekeeper spin-off, and Matt Reeves’ Gotham PD series set in the world of The Batman. News of the Green Lantern series arrived shortly after reports of HBO Max planning to produce DC projects with budgets on par with those of feature films.

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Source: ComicBookMovie.com

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