Sam Neill Not Sure About Alan Grant’s Return To ‘Jurassic Park’ Franchise

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Actor Sam Neill, maybe most recognizable from his role as paleontologist Alan Grant in past installments of the Jurassic Park franchise, isn’t sure if the return of his character is in the cards for Universal’s newest dinosaur film. While promoting the release of his latest film Hunt For The Wilderpeople, he was asked about the upcoming sequel to 2015’s smash hit Jurassic World and had this to say:

“I think the problem is that no one knows where Alan Grant is anymore. He’s retired from paleontology. He’s sick to death of dinosaurs and running. He’s not quite as fleet of foot as he was, and he’s now retired to Dayton, Ohio, and has a very successful accountancy business. I think that’s what’s happened to Alan. Either that or he’s dead.”

Mr. Neill sure has a unique view of Grant’s whereabouts these days. A rather practical one at least, if we assume he’s not dead, much to the disappointment of fans of the franchise I’m sure.  He went on to add,

“How do you recover from all of that stuff? I don’t think therapists are trained to deal with post-dino stuff. No. I don’t think you get over it. Accountany would be one way.”

If anything, he seems to know a thing or two about the psychological effects of almost getting ripped to shreds by a T-Rex. Of course, if anybody would, it would be him wouldn’t it? When pressed more specifically about whether or not any contact had been made about a possible reprisal of the role he maintained that,

“The call hasn’t come. And no one can find Grant. He’s disappeared. Someone found his hat. His hat was floating on the Hudson river, but that was the last ever heard of him.”

It sure sounds like we won’t be seeing our favorite paleontologist battle any raptors anytime soon, although it would be a neat idea to have his and Chris Pratt’s character interact in some way in one of the upcoming films. Here’s to hoping somebody reaches out to Sam.

The as-of-yet untitled Jurassic World sequel is slated for release June 22, 2018, and in the meantime you can check out Jurassic World via rental or purchase at any retail outlet.

Source: ShortList (Via ComicBook)

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