‘Samurai Jack’: New Season Premiere Date Confirmed

Samurai Jack

We finally have a date for the Samurai Jack season 5 premiere!

Ever since 2015, when Cartoon Network announced that they would be bringing the cult-classic cartoon back as part of their Adult swim block, we’ve been waiting and waiting for any kind of news about the new season, and since it was reported as a 2016 plan, fans started to get a little anxious and wanted answers.

Well, now we have big news. As shown in a clip recently broadcasted in the aforementioned Adult Swim block, the premiere date for the cherished and deeply missed show focusing on Jack and his nemesis Aku has been set for Saturday, March 11th at 11: 30 p.m. EST.

Hey, stop ignoring questions about Samurai Jack. Is it still definitely happening? What’s going on?

-March 11th, 11:30pm is what’s going on.

I thought Samurai Jack Was supposed to come back.

-What did we just say?

You can check out the video confirming the news in this tweet.

That’s only a little over a month away! So I think it’s safe to assume we will be seeing some new images and trailers in the coming weeks.

So are you excited for the return of Samurai Jack? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Twitter