Exclusive ‘Luke Cage’ Footage Descriptions


Alongside the first trailer for Marvel’s Luke Cage and the sizzle reel footage, the panel also had three other bits of footage exclusive to attendees of the panel. The first bit of footage was an extended scene from what we saw at the end of Daredevil season 2, but we’ll break everything down for you guys below.

Clip 1:

As stated, this was the extended boxing gym scene we got a look at attached to the end of Dardevil season 2. For those of you who need a reminder of that footage, watch below.

In the extended bit, the clip begins with a man being thrown through a door, which Luke then walks through. Luke calls out a gangster and starts tossing men left and right. The footage above then plays out, but this time we get to see him throw the people out of the office window. Luke walks into the office and asks where Cottonmouth’s guns are. What? You think you can go after everyone?” asks one of the gangsters. “I think I can,” Luke says. He then  threatens to throw the man out the window and into the river. “You see, it’s the impact that kills you. It crushes your lungs, then the water pours in and it’s a terrible way to go.” The gangster gives up the guns real easy after that. Luke grabs a hoodie and asks if it comes in a double XL.

With this description, you can begin to see Luke’s affinity for tossing people through windows, not that I’m complaining.

Clip 2:

This clip focuses on the series villains. We’re in Cottonmouth’s bar, and he’s throwing a huge fit. He’s using his bat to destroy the place in rage. Black Mariah puts him in his place, and one of Cottonmouth’s goons announce a cop is at the door. The dialogue between Black Mariah and Cottonmouth is amazing.

Clip 3:

Introduced as a clip depicting Misty Knight in her work clothes, turns out to be a make-out scene between Luke and Misty which cuts before any potential home runs.

Could Misty be seducing Luke to get an edge? Simone Missick, who plays the character, spoke about how Misty isn’t the sidekick, the girlfriend, or the wife, she’s just awesome.

Clip 4:

Another villain clip, Cornell Stokes in a room with a portrait of Notorious B.I.G. behind him. “Everybody wants to be the king,” he says. Stokes begins inflicting pain on someone, intense scene with a good bit of gore.

So what do you guys think? Are you looking forward to Luke Cage? Let us know in the comments down below!

Source: Marvel

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