Sebastian Stan Reveals What He Thought About ‘Batman v Superman’; Weighs In On DCEU

Sebastian Stan on Batman v Superman HeaderWhile chatting with The Daily Beast doing press for Captain America: Civil War, Sebastian Stan was asked if he’d seen Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and what he had thoughta bout it if he had. While he’d previously stated that they were just trying to “mimic the better Christopher Nolan movies” following Zack Snyder’s “flavor of the week” comments regarding Ant-Man, it seems that Stan was a fan of the film.

I did see Batman v Superman and I enjoyed it. I think visually it was insane. I thought Ben Affleck was an incredible Batman. I thought that fight sequence he had against all the guys, that was sick. Even Jesse Eisenberg was cracking me up at some points.

The actor then additionally went on to comment on Warner Bros. plan for their DC films and how they are jumping into Justice League rather than building to it how Marvel did with The Avengers. While I can’t exactly agree with Stan on this one myself, he does think they made the right move by starting with Batman v Superman.

I also think that DC is at a point right now where, it’s been my impression, they want to get to Justice League. They want to go ahead and kind of get everybody fighting together. And I think the best way to jumpstart that was to get what I think most people wanted to see for a long time: Batman vs. Superman, two of the biggest superheroes in history.

Do you agree with Stan had to say above? Let us know what you think about his comments in the section below.

Source: The Daily Beast

Shawn Madden

Shawn Madden

I write stuff. Sometimes.

  • Yeah – I enjoyed BvS, thought it was great. Think it suffered from having 45 mins taken out of it for the theatrical version but overall still enjoyed it.
    I do think the JL is being rushed a bit, and I think it would have been better to do a few more solo movies, followed by a Superman and Batman World’s Finest movie before JL.

    I also think Doom’s Day should have been saved for the third Superman Solo film.

    Aside from those dislikes, I still overwhelming enjoyed the movie and even enjoyed the philosophical points projecting the “God, mortals, and the Devil” take on the movie.

    • LSB

      When JL comes out DC would have put out MoS, BvS, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman. That’s 4 films. Not a complete rush.

      • Ruben C Barron

        Unfortunately, three of the main founders of justice league won’t have any character development.

      • Not a rush in terms of number of movies, just rush in terms of after Dark Seid – it’s kind of hard to place bigger villains. I would have saved DarkSeid for after dealing with (as the JL) foes such as Mongol, Legion of Doom, or Queen Bee.
        This way, as a combined unit – the JL would have had time together to have fluid teamwork.

        Now while everyone KNOWS Darkseid, there are enemies that can come after (The Anti-monitor for one).

    • vincanss

      How can a movie that already felt ponderous and over long be criticised for having 45-some minutes cut from it ?

  • Vegas82

    Agree with him. I enjoyed the film and am looking forward to the ultimate blu ray in July. Love Sebastian Stan and think he’d make a great Cap post Infinity Wars.

  • Sugam Kher

    At least someone is making sense… Also when did we reach an era where the reporter has a biased opinion?.. Jeez the world had grown attention hungry.. Sad.

    • He’s not a reporter or a journalist. Not even close. These are editorials, which means opinion is the name of the game.

      • Sugam Kher


        • No sighs. That’s facts.

          Reporters and journalists are not the same as fanboy bloggers and editorialists and film critics, who deal in opinion and subjectivity, not fact and objectivity.

          It’s like on the sports page of your local paper (if you still have a local paper): there are the columnists, who write opinions about the local teams and there are the beat writers, who remain objective as reporters.

          • Shawn Micheal Madden

            I don’t see where I said anything “biased” here though.

          • henryducard

            I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he’s talking about the overall media coverage of the film and not this specific article which is why his follow up was simply *sigh* haha!

  • Carl

    Keeping it civil I see. Smart man. When you work in the industry it’s best not to burn bridges.

  • Shawn… you seem disappointed.

    • Shawn Micheal Madden

      How so? All I’m saying is that I personally would have liked a little more build up to Justice League but that’s me. No disappointment here. I mean, I was a bit disappointed in BvS but I didn’t hate it.

      • More about Stan’s non s–t-talking enjoyment and hope the DCEU does well.

        It seems a lot of sites want the actors, directors, etc. want the two sides against each other. 😉

        • Shawn Micheal Madden

          I don’t get involved in that nonsense. I like Marvel, DC, Image, Valiant and so on. Not really into flame wars or clickbait nonsense myself.

      • henryducard

        There will be 4 films leading up to it didn’t marvel only have 4 before the avengers or was it 5? I forget now.

  • Thanostic

    Sebastian Stan, magnanimous in victory.

  • Adam

    It’s fun how there’s a lot less hate in the comment section now that a celebrity said he enjoyed BvS.

    • Ausmaan Raja

      Exactly what I noticed. The installed Marvel fanbase will always bash DC and Visa-Versa. Both Cavil and Stan have given two perfectly acceptable arguments on this stupid Fanboy war. But and this is a big BUT.

      As much as I did enjoy BVS and CW, the reviews and money made for BVS has made WB make Affleck EP on JL. This is the move most of us have been waiting for. Its just happened sooner rather than later.

  • Alejandro Gonzalez

    too bad the Marvel fanboys can’t be as honest as Sebastian/Winter Soldier.

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  • vincanss

    How can a movie that already felt ponderous and over long be criticised for having 40-some minutes cut from it ?