Sebastian Stan Fires Back At Zack Snyder & Talks ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Captain America: Civil War star Sebastian Stan fired back at comments made last week by Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder about Marvel's Ant-Man.

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It seems Captain America isn’t the only one going to war at Marvel Studios… While promoting his upcoming film The Martian, Captain America: Civil War star Sebastian Stan fired back at comments made last week by Batman v. Superman director Zack Snyder about Marvel’s Ant-Man being a “flavor of the week” movie.

“Yeah, I’m sitting here and I’m listening to you and I’m thinking, ‘Do I want to fire some shots at DC right now, at Zack Snyder?’ I read some of those comments where he said something about Batman and Superman, I can’t remember where I read that, somewhere… Something about, ‘It’s not going to be your flavor-of-the-week Ant-Man.’ And I was like, ‘Oh thanks, Zack. That’s great. Way to do something original. But I would say we’re still making something very original in our own way. I mean, the Russos are coming in and taking something people are used to and they’re shaping it up and changing it in a very different way. They’re not trying to mimic a better Christopher Nolan movie or something like that.”

Speaking of Ant-Man, Sebastian Stan also talked a bit about its Bucky-centric post-credits scene…

“Like two days before. We were on set and somebody went, ‘Oh! By the way, did you know that there’s a thing at the end of Ant-Man and you guys are in it’ And I was like, ‘No, I don’t, but I’d love to go see it now so I know what we shot.’ It’s kind of interesting because we shot that scene in early May so it’s interesting that they decided to use that … I think it’s somewhere in the middle.”

Sebastian Stan went on to talk about his character’s role in Captain America: The Winter Solider and what fans can expect to see in Civil War next year.

“They gave me a lot more dialogue, and I thought, ‘Oh my god, it was so much better when I didn’t have to say things!’ The look of the Winter Soldier is a very specific look. There was something very specific in how the guy looked and behaved and I felt like the more I stepped back and I just kind of let that do the work, the better it was gonna be. In a situation like that, you’re trying to guess where the guy’s at in his mind, and that certainly continues in the Civil War movie. You’re always trying to guess what side is he on or… because he can go both ways. That’s me being really lucky with a character like that where you can kind of… I mean they could write something for him tomorrow where he could be the worst assassin, the worst terrible villain, killer, whatever, or he could be this guy who is endearing, who is trying to rebuild his life so there’s a lot of places to go with the character and that’s exciting.”

When asked if or how his character will fit into the MCU beyond Civil War, Sebastian Stan, like pretty much every other actor working with Marvel these days, wouldn’t say much.

“Again, it’s totally not something I know for sure. Like, you know, it’s a blessing and a curse — sometimes I wish I knew to sort of get my life back together. You know, I’m like, ‘I might as well just not cut my hair at all.’ But I really don’t know. It’s so early to know that. But hopefully…”

What do you think of Stan’s comments on Civil War? And do you agree with Zack Snyder about Ant-Man being “flavor of the month?” Sound off in the comments below!

Captain America: Civil War opens May 6, 2016.

Source: Collider

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