Director Shane Black Releases First Cast Photo For ‘The Predator’

Director Shane Black has released the first official cast photo from The Predator!

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The Predator reboot that fans have been waiting for has been in the works for a while now, but it seems we have finally got confirmation that the cogs are turning on production.

Director Shane Black (known for Iron Man 3 and the Lethal Weapon films) has just released the first cast photo of the 2018 blockbuster The Predator on his twitter page, indicating filming has begun. The picture features the stellar line-up, news of which has been drip-fed to the ravenous public over the past few months: Sterling K. Brown, Trevante Rhodes, Boyd Holbrook, Jacob Tremblay, Olivia Munn and Keegan-Michael Key, along with Black. Most of the actors are garbed in tactical gear, with a few in civilian clothes; namely, Brown and Tremblay’s characters, and possibly Munn’s. Little is known about the story or the backgrounds of the characters, simply that they’ll have the fight of their lives once they come face to face with the legendary Predator. Take a look at the photo below:

Black also took to twitter earlier to declare, quite definitively, that his new movie would be rated R for extreme violence:

This was after tweeting that he was to start production the following Monday – today. Clearly neither he nor the studio have any compunctions about paying tribute to the horror of the original films, as well as creating something entirely new for modern audiences.

The Predator is set to be released February 9, 2018.

Source: Shane Black