‘Shazam!’ Director On Huge Fan Expectations & Backlash

Uploaded image Director David F. Sandberg posted to Twitter earlier today about how he expects backlash from fans when more is announced regarding his upcoming project, Shazam!

The Swedish director is unfamiliar with the expectations of large projects and storied characters, as his only feature films to date are Lights Out (2016) and Annabelle: Creation (2017). Fan expectations are something he’ll have to familiarize himself with quickly, as superhero films are abundant in modern cinema. They can garner huge expectations from millions of fans familiar with the source material. Shazam! is no different as its main character goes way back in the world of comics.

Originally known as Captain Marvel, the character got its start under publisher Fawcett Comics way back in 1939. This iteration of the character lasted for 14 years, before being canceled in 1953, when DC Comics filed a copyright infringement lawsuit claiming that the character was a copy of Superman. In 1972, DC licensed the character and returned him to publication. The character’s new adventures were published in a comic book titled Shazam!, leading many readers to believe the Captain Marvel’s new name was Shazam. The name would be officially changed in 2011.

Sandberg continued his thread as he speculated on fans thoughts on Shazam’s potential attire:

With the film to begin production in 2018, the director commented on the time leading up to the announcement of more details for his film:

Plot details on Shazam! remain under wraps with the only confirmed information regarding the New Line Cinema production produced in conjunction with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment being that it will not feature Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) as the villain of the Billy Batson-centric film.

 Shazam! will be released on April 5, 2019. Stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood for the latest news on Shazam and the future of the DC Extended Universe as we learn it.

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  • Herb Leggieri

    You have reported this incorrectly. Captain Marvel still exist. The New 52 watered down version of Captain Marvel called Shazam is on a different Earth. DC has the Multi Universe. Second the only people who called Captain Marvel shazam or people who never read the book. Pick up one comic book read it for 2 seconds and you will see that it says Captain Marvel. DC doesn’t use Captain Marvel because Marvel Comics have the rights to the name. Which means. DC cannot use it in a title of any book movie or toy that they may create. But they can use it in the contents of the story. You can call the story Shazam since that’s the name of the wizard who grants Billy Batson his powers. Or call the movie world’s Mightiest mortal.