‘Luke Cage’ Showrunner Gives Details On Episodes 4-9

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Marvel’s newest installment in their string of Netflix shows, Luke Cage, debuts on the platform this Friday, Sept. 30, and everyone is ready to see what all the hype is about. Promotion for the show is on full throttle in the days leading up to the release, with Marvel releasing the show’s final trailer the other day plus some material showcasing Cage’s famous stomping grounds, Harlem.

Showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker is getting in on some of the fun too. Last week the writers and directors for episodes 1 through 3 were released online, giving fans a look at the creative teams behind the episodes. Earlier today, Coker tweeted out the respective writers and directors for episodes 4 through 9 as well. Check them out:

Murray is probably best known for his work on Sons of Anarchy, while Natali has been behind the camera for Orphan Black and The Strain. Natali has been tapped to do some work for HBO’s upcoming Westworld as well.

Jobst has worked within the Netflix Marvel world before, directing an episode of Daredevil, along with some work on Hannibal.

A good bulk of Miler’s has come by way of heralded UK drama Luther, starring Iris Elba.

Cooper has written for fan favorites like Grimm and The 100. Goddard has also directed an episode of Daredevil for Marvel before during season 2, as well as UK based shows Downtown Abbey and Dr. Who.

Martens has a solid track record behind the camera and actually was behind next week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!  Along with that, he’s done work for shows like 12 Monkeys and Banshee.

Taylor has written for Teen Wolf, and Shankland has worked with Netflix before on House Of Cards, with HBO’s The Leftovers on his resume as well.

Get ready folks, Luke Cage is coming into your living room TV’s this Friday, September 30th on Netflix.


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