Sideshow Collectibles Recreate Rey & BB-8 In Premium Format…

Page 1 - If you know anything about Sideshow Collectibles, it's that they make very impressive figures that are very pricey. Regardless, the new Premium...

Rey BB-8
If you know anything about Sideshow Collectibles, it’s that they make very impressive figures that are very pricey. Regardless, the new Premium Format Figures of Rey and BB-8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, are pretty amazing.

Standing at 20 inches tall, the Rey figure is quite the sight. Sideshow goes to great lengths to ensure that each of their figures is as authentic as possible, and its very evident here. Their website boasts:

“Every piece of [Rey’s] outfit has been painstakingly reproduced for the utmost accuracy and authenticity. Her multiple layered and textured fabric garments and accessories, with every miniature fold, seam, and stitch, have been duplicated exactly.”

Similarly, BB-8 is also a stunning figure to look at. BB-8 is nine inches tall (which should be proportionate to the full size comparison) and features LED lights that just further the realistic quality. Oh, and it can give a cool “thumbs up” with his welding tool.

“Weve [sic] captured every subtle nuance of BB-8s [sic] ingenious design, from the surprisingly soulful and character filled eyes of his photoreceptor, to the stained, scratched and dirty panels of his spherical body, each little detail helps to make this chirpy little Astromech come to life and steal your heart.”


Scroll down to get an individual look at the highly detailed figures and head over to Sideshow’s website for more photos and details.

Before you get too excited, remember what I said about the price. Rey costs $479.99, while BB-8 will make you fork over a measly $284.99. The silver lining is that you can buy the bundle of the two figures for $724.98. That’s a savings of $40! In all seriousness, Sideshow does offer a monthly payment plan if you are considering buy one (or both) of these figures.

The Force Awakens came out more than a year ago, but Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is just now wrapping up its theatrical run. Plus, the title for Star Wars: Episode VIII (it’s The Last Jedi if you somehow haven’t heard) was revealed just in the past month or so. For more awesome statues and figures that you will might never own, along with upcoming news about The Last Jedi, keep coming back to Heroic Hollywood!

Source: Sideshow Collectibles