Simon Kinberg Briefly Comments On Future Of ‘X-Men’ Franchise; ‘Gambit’ To Shoot Next Spring


While X-Men: Apocalypse might not have performed as well at the box office as many had hoped, it was far from a flop and definitely set the stage for the future of the franchise in many ways. But what exactly does that future of hold for the mutants over at 20th Century Fox? Speaking with That Hashtag Show at The Saturn Awards, writer and producer Simon Kinberg briefly commented on what’s next for the franchise and offered up some brief updates on a few of the projects.

“Uh, we’re figuring that out now. The first thing up, we’re shooting the Wolverine movie right now and we start shooting Deadpool 2 at the beginning of next year, then I sit down and start writing the next of the mainline X-Men movies.”

Additionally, the writer & producer commented on the status of New Mutants, confirming that Josh Boone is indeed still on board to direct the film that he says will be “very local to the comics” and that while he doesn’t have a start date, they are “hoping to shoot that one real soon too.” As far as the that status of the Gambit solo film starring Channing Tatum, Kinberg revealed roughly when we should expect cameras to start rolling.

“We have a great script on that and hope to shoot that movie at the beginning of spring of next year.”

With the Doug Liman directed film looking to film next Spring, it’s likely that the film will hit theaters at the end of next year or early 2018. Are you looking forwards to New Mutants & Gambit? Let us know what you think about Kinberg’s comments in the section below.

Source: That Hashtag Show

Shawn Madden

Shawn Madden

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  • Derek Wiles

    Can Simon and Brian retire from the xmen franschise already? I still haven’t watched the newest xmen and prob won’t watch anything he or Brian out their hand on. I’m just not a fan of their work. Tim Miller on the other hand did a great job and I hope he keeps it going!

  • Larry

    I could not possibly care less about anything regarding X-Men, it’s the bargain bin for superhero films. It’s grown old and stagnant. Other studios have passed them by. Fox needs to infuse new life into it and that means getting people who actually know and love these characters the way fans do. I have no future plans on supporting this franchise in its current incarnation ever again.

  • Robbins

    good to hear on future of my favorate comic book franchise.I told people kinberg was likely to write next full X-Men film.

  • Chris W

    “Uh were figuring that out now” sums up how fox handles this x universe pretty succinctly.

    • Julie Crabtree

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  • unpaidpundit

    After “First Class” and “Days of Future Past,” Fox seemed to have their act together. Then, the studio appeared to regress with the merely OK “Apocalypse.” Perhaps the team who brought us “Deadpool’ should be put in charge of Fox’s X-Men franchise.

  • Carl

    Please don’t allow Kinberg to write these movies anymore. Just fire him or move him off all X-Men projects.

  • Maximillian Pegasus

    Gambit was supposed to start filming last year, now is only by the middle of 2017?
    How can you start shooting Gambit Spring next year and put out the film out by Winter of the same year?
    They fast tracked Deadpool 2 with all their forces.

    Old Man Logan


    New Mutants