Simon Kinberg Believes An ‘X-Force’ Film Should Be R-Rated

Deadpool_vs_X-Force_1_Cover_Shane_DavisEarlier this year, 20th Century Fox unleashed Deadpool into theaters and the film went on to become the highest grossing R-Rated film of all-time worldwide. Yeah, it didn’t beat The Passion Of The Christ domestically but whatever. With a sequel currently in production, it’s only a matter of time until we see the character in an X-Force film as Reynolds has gone on to say that one is a “priority”.

But would they tone the character down for this film or would it also receive an R-Rating? While speaking with Den Of Geek, writer & producer Simon Kinberg stated that he believes that an R-Rating would probably be the right one for this particular property. film would be the right thing when it comes to this particular property.

When there are films that want to be raunchier, want to be darker, want to be violent or R-rated, [Fox will] be open to it. And not every movie should be. I don’t think that the main X-Men movies should be R-rated; I don’t think they’re R-rated stories. But if we were to make an X-Force movie, that probably should be R-rated.

Kinberg then went on to comment on the theory that the success of Deadpool led to the final Wolverine film receiving an R-Rating as well. While it might not have been the reasoning behind, it seems that the film’s success did instill a bit more confidence in the studio regarding the matter.

And what we’re doing with the Wolverine movie… that wasn’t impacted by Deadpool. We’d made the decision for Wolverine to be R-rated before Deadpool came out. But I think there’s even more confidence about having made that decision now that you see that an R-rated Deadpool movie can do better than any X-Men movie’s ever done.

Do you agree with Kinberg’s comments? Let us know what you think in the comments in the section below.

Source: Den Of Geek

Shawn Madden

Shawn Madden

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  • Carl

    Simon Kinberg also thinks that a Fant4stic sequel is a good idea. Time to fire him.

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