Simone Missick Was Shot When Filming ‘Luke Cage’

Simone Missick

When speaking to Metro during the promotion for Marvel’s Luke Cage, Misty Knight actress Simone Missick revealed that she took on a stunt she perhaps shouldn’t have.

“I got shot in the face!”

Now, of course, she wasn’t shot with a real bullet. She went on to clarify this unsettling statement:

“Our lovely special effects team were like: ‘No, no! Don’t use a double. You’ll be fine!’ and I said: ‘Alright guys! I’ll trust you this time even though I’ve heard horrible things!’ And I got shot in the face and got a dozen roses the next day.”

Nobody can question Missick’s commitment! This isn’t the only mishap to occur when filming the show, we recently reported that Mike Colter took a bat to the face, and Missick caused more havoc on set:

“I also threw handcuffs at somebody and busted their lip right before the Thanksgiving holidays, so I’m not perfect.”

We’ve just finished watching the entire season of Luke Cage, and we understand why these accidents happened. There’s no shortage of action in the show, so of course these things are going to happen.

Marvel’s Luke Cage is available to stream on Netflix right now. What are you waiting for? Watch it!

Source: Metro

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