All 10 Seasons Of ‘Smallville’ Coming To Hulu In October!

Smallville Hulu

“Somebody Saaaaaave Me…!”

“…From binging too much,” is what fans everywhere will be saying when Smallville finally begins streaming for the first time on Hulu in October, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Smallville told the story of a young Clark Kent during his high school and eventual college years in Smallville, Kansas and Metropolis, as he learns about his powers and where he came from, while navigating relationships with characters like Lana Lang, Lois Lane, and even Lex Luthor. The first 7 seasons showed how Clark and Lex went from being friends to complete enemies as Lex turns to the dark side.

The show ran for 10 seasons and in a way, you could say it is responsible for the DC TV Universe we have today. Season 6 of Smallville introduced the character of Green Arrow in live-action for the first time, played by Justin Hartley. The character was so well-received that he ended up remaining on the show for the remaining 4 seasons. The success of that character on Smallville is also the reason there ended up being a Green Arrow-centric show we have now, starring Stephen Amell, that is entering its 5th season.

Because of Arrow several other popular shows have been created since then like Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl. But Smallville was the catalyst of it all.

The show also gave us what is considered the best live-action interpretation of Lex Luthor ever, played amazingly by Michael Rosenbaum, who left the show at the end of Season 7. So far, for a lot of fans, no other performance has been able to match what Rosenbaum did with the character unless you also consider Clancy Brown’s animated version of the character, that many people enjoyed as well.

As October nears and everyone’s favorite superhero shows return, it’s only fitting that Smallville makes its streaming debut in the same month and we remember how it laid the ground work for so much we enjoy today on television.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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