‘Smallville’ Star Tom Welling Wants To Appear On ‘The Flash’

Smallville star Tom Welling reveals that he wants to reprise his role as Clark Kent/Superman for an episode of The Flash.

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It’s hard to argue that without the success of Smallville — which ran for ten seasons on what was originally The WB before it merged with UPN to become The CW — we would not have all of the fantastic DC Comics-based shows that now call The CW their home. It is for this reason that Smallville fans desperately want to see that series’ star Tom Welling appear in the current crop of CW DC shows. What once seemed like a dream may indeed become a reality, as Welling, who will be appearing on this season of Lucifer (another DC Comics-based series on FOX), revealed that he is interested in making an appearance on one of the Arrowverse shows.

Last month, Welling revealed that he was offered a role on Supergirl but turned it down because its tone is so vastly different from that of Smallville, so his Clark Kent/Superman would not fit in that world. However, while speaking to Nuke the Fridge’s Luis Lecca, Welling revealed that he would be interested in reprising his famous role for an episode of The Flash. Here is what the actor stated:

“I am willing to go on The Flash and I have a few ideas on how it can happen if the network asks me. In fact, I think I can make it happen.”

The CW shows have a great track record of bringing actors that have played versions of these characters before back into the fold in a way that both repects the legacy of the original shows/movies and works within the story of the current shows. The Flash has done it the best, perhaps, with actors like John Wesley Shipp, Amanda Pays, Mark Hamill and others reprising their roles from the 1990 version TV series. Supergirl has also brought back Helen Slater, star of the 1984 Supergirl movie, Lois & Clark stars Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher, and this season, we will see Welling’s Smallville co-star Erica Durance, who played Lois Lane for seven seasons, as Kara’s Kryptonian birth mother Alura Zor-El, taking over the role from Laura Benanti.

While I really wanted to see Tom Welling return as Superman for the second season of Supergirl, which instead cast Tyler Hoechlin as the Man of Steel, Welling’s Superman appearing on The Flash might just work even better. As the actor pointed out, the worlds of Supergirl and Smallville are so different, so he essentially would have had to play a different version of the character or another character altogether. On the other hand, The Flash has introduced the concept of the Multiverse, so we could get the chance to catch up with Welling’s version of Clark Kent. Maybe we could even get to really see him in the costume this time (and not just in super far away shots, as was the case in the Smallville series finale). Plus, if Barry is already universe-hopping, maybe he can stop by Earth-38 to bring Kara along for the ride. They would be crazy not to do that.

I would love to see this happen! What about you? Do you want to see Tom Welling’s Superman share the screen with Grant Gustin’s The Flash? What about Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Nuke the Fridge