‘Legends Of Tomorrow’: Snart’s Return Will Affect The Team In Different Ways

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This Tuesday night, as the Legends fight to obtain the last fragments of the Spear of Destiny and keep it out of the hands of the Legion of Doom, an old Legend will return to the show – this time as a foe. Leonard Snart, a.k.a. Captain Cold, (Wentworth Miller) will make his return to the show as a member of the Legion of Doom, and not all of the Legends will react to his return the same way.

Although Mick Rory, a.k.a. Heat Wave, (Dominic Purcell) has been having visions of his partner-in-crime for awhile now, Mick will finally get to see Snart in the flesh once more. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Marc Guggenheim had this to say about the pair’s reunion:

“What is fun about it is Rory’s reaction, because the last time Rory saw Snart, he was a hallucination. So when he sees Snart again, he very understandably thinks he’s hallucinating again. So, as with all things Legends, the moment is played for comedic effect.”

This return will certainly have an impact on Mick, but one of the newer members of the team, Amaya (Maisie Richardson-Sellers), will see Snart in a different light.

“He returns as a part of the Legion, so he automatically, in her eyes, is a baddie. But she cares a lot about Rory, so seeing how that affects Rory [is difficult]. He’s just a baddie to her, and that means one thing: that they have to eliminate him.”

With the team inevitably torn about Snart’s return, it sounds like most of the focus will be on Mick’s reaction and how he handles his friend’s return. This focus was a little bit of a disappoint for Caity Lotz, who plays Sara Lance, a.k.a. White Canary, as she was hoping the show would address the kiss Sara and Snart shared shortly before his death.

“It’s a bummer,” Lotz says. “I really wanted to, but hopefully they’re saving it for another time. The focus of Snart is his relationship with Rory, the original bromance, and I was really bummed, actually, because I wanted to, in the alternative reality [Doomsworld], for Sara and Snart to be dating like a little Bonnie and Clyde. But the Rory-Snart relationship is really important, and they had a lot of story left to do with that, so we don’t get to see any of that in this one, but hopefully later; hopefully we’re saving it for later.”

Either way, Snart’s return will shake up the team and he’s sure to be another capable addition to the Legion of Doom the Legends will inevitably have to deal with.

“Fellowship of the Spear” — (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) (TV-14, V) (HDTV)

IT’S WAR — The Legends must devise a plan to retrieve the last remaining fragments of the Spear of Destiny from the Legion of Doom.  They find themselves in France at the height of World War I faced with the knowledge that they must destroy the mystical object.  They enlist the help of a soldier by the name of John Ronald Reuel Tolkin (guest star Jack Turner) and find that the Spear is leading them into the heart of the war.  Meanwhile, the team must all resist the temptation of the Spear, and the return of a former teammate. Victor Garber, Brandon Routh, Arthur Darvill, Caity Lotz, Dominic Purcell, Franz Drameh, Nick Zano and Maisie Richardson-Sellers. Ben Bray directed the episode written by Keto Shimizu & Matthew Maala (#215).  Original airdate 3/21/2017.”

Legends Of Tomorrow airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on The CW.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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