Superman Standalone Movies Still Moving Forward

Man of Steel Superman

Man of Steel SupermanWhile Batman v Superman has helped fully launched the DCEU, fans who had been hoping for a traditional Man of Steel sequel should not be worried. Solo Superman movies are still being planned within the DC Extended Universe.

While on the promotional tour for Batman v Superman Zack Snyder talked about future solo movies for Superman.

“If we could get a good script it would be great to have a stand alone Superman movie.”

Snyder explained that they haven’t announced a Man of Steel sequel yet because they wanted to support the events that take place within Dawn of Justice.

Henry Cavill also weighed in on the potential for a solo project and he explained that it really depended on the sucess of Batman v Superman and finding the time within the current DC Extended Universe slate, which has films planned through 2020.

“It depends on the sucess of this movie, if this goes well we can start negotiating with Warner Bros. for a stand-alone Superman but they have their plans laid out with other stuff, Justice League and other movies, it’s about finding the time really. It is something that I would be very keen to do.”

Dawn of Justice is out in theaters everywhere. Have you seen the film? Join in the comments section below and talk about the DC Extended Universe!

Source: IGN

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