RUMOR: Sony Developing ‘Nightwatch’ Movie, Spike Lee Eyed To Direct

 A new rumor suggests that Sony might be expanding their Spider-Man solo character universe by making a Nightwatch film, with eyes on a high-profile director in Spike Lee.

Host of Meet the Movie Press and Editor-in-Chief of Tracking Board Jeff Sneider dropped the rumor in this week’s episode of the show. He begins discussing Nightwatch at the 50:30 mark.

Check out the video below:

Spike Lee is one of cinema’s most iconic directors, and while yet unconfirmed, if he were to sign on to Nightwatch it would be his first big blockbuster superhero film. Edward Ricourt, who previously wrote Now You See Me for the studio, is the man who Sneider says is confident is currently writing a script for the film.

The character, also known as Doctor Kevin Trench, witnessed a costumed man die after battling terrorists that were armed with cloaking devices that granted them invisibility. After unmasking the corpse, he saw it was actually an older version of himself. Trench is caught in a time loop, and he’s travelling in time to stop his inevitable fate.

As you may recall, Sony has plans for a cinematic universe based on Marvel characters they own the rights to. The first film in this universe, Venom, will kick off the series in 2018, followed by Silver & Black the following year.

Last fall, Nightwatch was previously rumored to appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Perhaps the preparations at Sony were being made instead for his own solo movie appearance?

What do you think, would you be excited to see a Nightwatch stand-alone film? Let us know in the comments below, and as always stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood for any updates.

Source: Meet the Movie Press

5 Ways Venom Could Show Up In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Even before Sony lent Spider-Man to Marvel Studios, there was talk about Sony doing their own spin-off films focusing on characters they owned, including both heroes and villains. The end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 even teased a possible Sinister Six film. Many thought that Venom, one of Spider Man’s most popular villains, would also get his own film. Although he appeared in Sam Rami’s Spider-Man 3, Venom was less than well received. If anyone could use a character redemption, it was Eddie Brock.

Those hopes seemed to dash after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was deemed a failure and Sony’s future with the Spider-Man character seemed uncertain. It seemed as if the movie gods smiled on fans as Sony worked out a partnership with Marvel Studios, which allowed Spider-Man to appear in Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Spider-Man’s first appearance in the MCU was in Captain America: Civil War and actor Tom Holland’s performance as the wall-crawler was universally praised.

But Sony’s not done doing their own thing. It was announced that a movie featuring Silver Sable and Black Cat was in the works. It was then revealed that Tom Hardy is attached to play Venom in another project. Marvel Studios has previously said that these projects would be based at Sony and exist outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, Amy Pascal recently said that the Silver Sable and Black Cat film, as well as Venom, are set within the same universe as Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Did she let something slip, or was this wishful thinking on her part? Either way, that led us here at Heroic Hollywood to think of ways that Venom could be incorporated into and show up in the MCU. Click Next to take a look…

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