‘Spawn’ Director Todd McFarlane On Why He Took The Film To Blumhouse


During San Diego Comic-Con, Todd McFarlane revealed that he would be directing a new Spawn film at Blumhouse productions. In an interview with ComicBook.com, McFarlane explained why he took the project to Blumhouse and what fans can expect from the new Spawn film.

McFarlane discussed the decades-long process of finally getting the project off the ground:

“It started, essentially, the day after the last movie. Every movie, if you like it, you go, ‘When’s the next one coming?’ But it’s been 20 years now. I went off and we started Image and I got involved with my toy company and got distracted for a while and then formulated the idea and thought about it for a while and started writing in fits and starts because I still had the other businesses I was running. Eventually, I had to get past the theoretical. For years it was, ‘Well, I’m working on the script,’ which I was…You have to get to the point where you’re working towards a movie in the truest sense.”

McFarlane explained why Blumhouse was perfectly suited for a Spawn film:

“Jason’s brand with Blumhouse Productions has been these R-rated, low budget, scary, cool movies that are successful, and they work, and they allow you then to make another movie. The thought was always, and I never moved off it, was that I’d write, produce, and direct, which I will…So now I needed to surround myself with people that were going to make me look good and one of the first steps is to get a good production house – and it sounds silly what I’m about to say – that can make a low budget movie.”

McFarlane hinted at what fans can expect from the new Spawn film:

“It’s just going to be this dark, gritty world, and there’s going to be one thing in the entire world that is fantastic and it’s going to be Spawn. I’d call it a dark supernatural thriller.”

With Blumhouse Productions best known for producing low-budget to mid-budget projects, including recent films Get Out and Split, the new Spawn film will likely be character-driven and small in scale.

Spawn does not have a release date.

Source: ComicBook.com

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