New ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Character Details; More Villains Potentially Revealed

Following their Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel released the first official synopsis for Spider-Man: Homecoming along with a piece of concept art for the movie, featuring the wall-crawler going toe-to-toe with the Vulture. While there weren’t any other reveals during the panel, Entertainment Weekly later had the chance to speak with the director and the cast of the movie and learn the names of the characters they’re playing.

According to director Jon Watts, Zendaya’s character is indeed named Michelle, but that’s pretty much the only thing we know about her. Laura Harrier is Liz (as in, Liz Allen), while Jacob Batallon is Ned, one of Peter Parker’s best friends. As for Tony Revolori, he’s playing Flash Thompson, who’s definitely going to be a bully, at least for a portion of the movie. Here’s what the actor had to say about that:

“I’m [Peter Parker’s] bully and I don’t know how cool he is, but when we call cut, I’m just like, ‘Ah! You’re so cool.’”

Watts also explained why he decided to make the Vulture the main villain of the movie:

“Vulture’s the first real villain in the Spider-Man comics. He’s in the second issue. He’s one of the classics from the best rogues’ gallery out there, and we’ve never seen him, he’s never been brought to life.”

While The Vulture is the main antagonist of the movie, we also know that there are going to be two more villains, who will be played by Bokeem Woodbine and Logan Marshall-Green. During the Diamond Select Toys panel, a panelist reportedly revealed that they’re working on a bunch of action figures based on the movie, including a couple of figures based on the Tinkerer and the Shocker. That’s all that we know for now, but we’ll update as soon as get more details. What do you guys think? Sound off below!

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