‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Gets An Honest Game Trailer

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4

Smosh Games released an Honest Game Trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man game today!

Smosh Games is one of YouTube’s preeminent gaming channels. Known for their wacky yet insightful commentary on today’s gaming culture, the gaming community looks to Smosh as one of their guides. And frankly, there is no other feature on their channel that distills the very spirit of Smosh than Honest Game Trailers.

Every Tuesday, the channel releases a half-satirical/half-serious review of a game that was released in the prior week and gives a hilarious yet illuminating comment on the game’s quality. This week’s video was about the highly anticipated Marvel’s Spider-Man. The video is embedded below.

The video cites the game’s fluid web-slinging mechanics, the vibrant, dynamic open world NYC, the exceptional story, and the boss battles in an effort to give a positive review of the game. Of course, all of this spoken of with quips and jokes doled out by Jon Bailey, The Epic Voice Guy of Screen Junkies fame but their farce only enhances all of these great qualities about the game. The video is so well made, it will like help to promote the game by recruiting anyone who may have been on the fence regarding the purchase.

The biggest draw may very well be the story. As the video so aptly puts, the game features a more mature Spider-Man that is tackling life as a contemporary millennial – a wonderful alternative to the younger more lackadaisical version we get in the MCU.

Have you played the game? What’s your favorite part? Sound off in the comments below!

Jay Barrett

Jay Barrett

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