Insomniac Games Suggests ‘Spider-Man’ Manhattan Map Will Be Huge

Insomniac Games' community director, James Stevenson, says their new 'Spider-Man' game will be "four to six times" larger than their previous open-world.

Ever since a new Spider-Man gameplay trailer premiered at E3, developer Insomniac Games has doled out bits and pieces of new information, like teasing that there’s a reason for Spidey’s new symbol. Now, Insomniac’s community director, James Stevenson, has said that the game’s Manhattan map will be “four to six times that of Sunset Overdrive.”

Referencing their 2014 Xbox One exclusive, Stevenson says Spider-Man‘s playground will be even bigger. While Sunset Overdrive didn’t have a map the likes of Skyrim or Grand Theft Auto in terms of overall square footage, it did play with verticality quite a bit, and when you have a character like Spider-Man in a game, the more verticality, the better.

Given that Spider-Man will feature a map substantially larger than Sunset Overdrive, it seems that the latest Spidey game will let the wall crawler have a lot of free reign in the city, perhaps hearkening back to games like 2002’s Spider-Man and 2004’s Spider-Man 2, which really let the titular hero swing through the city streets and among the skyscrapers with ease.

“Starring one of the world’s most iconic Super Heroes, Spider-Man features the acrobatic abilities, improvisation and web-slinging that the wall-crawler is famous for, while also introducing elements never-before-seen in a Spider-Man game. From traversing with parkour and unique environmental interactions, to new combat and cinematic blockbuster set pieces, it’s Spider-Man unlike any you’ve played before.”

Spider-Man will be released in 2018 exclusively for the PS4.

Source: GamesRadar

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